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Having put the blade of the spatula between the frame and the transom, I began to swing the binding with this lever. The transom was divided by bars into four parts, and it had to be opened. I won’t say that I’m a big lady, but I definitely can’t get through these squares The edge bar, bending from the movements of the blade, cracked - well, to hell with him, - and the nails began to reluctantly crawl out. I don't know if half an hour or five minutes passed before I opened this fucking window. For some reason, the second one opened outward - but there is a grate! I, having hooked the loop, just broke the window. Lattice - a reliable design of reinforcement, wire rod or whatever

- I don’t know, in short - such a thick one, it was welded to pins hammered into the seams between the bricks.



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