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At the end of 1995, a report on military operations in the Chechen Republic was broadcast on central television. A foreign film crew was reporting from a camp of militants resisting regular army forces. And one of those caught in the frame was our old friend Hans

People like Hans were in any institution. Rich and serious, they went through the entire "life cycle":

1) OUT IN THE LIGHT - acquaintance with the casino;

2) BECOMING A PLAYER - the moment when a person begins to get involved in the game, he likes the process, and winning brings a special feeling of VICTORY. The greater the gain, the stronger the feeling of inner pride and self-satisfaction;

3) FLOWER - daily trips, when you look forward to the moment the game starts, and the result fades into the background. The balance of wins and losses is shifted towards the latter, but the memory of past victories (big wins, big payouts) makes you continue the game again and again in order to repeat, or better, surpass previous achievements



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